Communication Beyond Affection

Family - Courtesy of job_earth (Flickr)

For those of you (Singaporeans) who have had the luxury and opportunity to tune in to the local television network lately, you may have noticed a new family campaign going on.

The campaign – more specifically the video – aims to strengthen family bonds and encourage the spirit of filial piety amongst the generation that grew up with the internet and culture of individualism.

Whether intentional or note, the video has sparked quite a debate about the issue of the individual wants vs family needs, the values of the young vs the old, and the issue of ‘reason’ versus ‘

Essentially, it highlights the different perspectives embraced by different generations and challenges the viewer to think and question deeper about family and how an individual reacts / should react in relation to an elder.

Curious to know what the fuss is all about?

Here’s the video:

I guess I couldn’t help it.

It’s been over three years since the fateful day at the hospital, where I first wrote and published my first post about “Being Strong”.

That was written at the hospital… in the whee hours of the night, as I kept vigil by my mother’s very bed side.

Like the man in the video, keeping watch over my mom in the silence of the night brought back memories of the past, of the times when I was the one vulnerable and dependent, and when my mother gave her all to see that I was well.

The memories came flooding back again. No thanks to the video.

Regardless, this post has been a long time coming.

I feel too long have we been caught up with the demands and stresses of life and chasing our goals that we’ve forgotten about the people who’ve worked to help us onto the stage.

Too much have we fought the world, that we’ve forgotten about the people who fought for us.

Too little has it been said, or done, for the people who’ve done so much for us.

For those who gave you their all be it out of commitment (which also involves a degree of choice), it wouldn’t hurt to give something back.

So share a little appreciation today.

Live a Loving Life. Succeed on Life’s Stage, Today!

Love at first sight is not match for Love over a Lifetime… and beyond.

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