Gary was very descriptive during training! He came up with several examples to help us understand the module and subject better. I can see he’s very dedicated and sincere helping and leading us to the desired outcomes of training. Essentially, I learned about how one’s beliefs and mindset can affect our perception and action that we will take.

Thank you, very much, Gary!

~ Raj
Participant of Mindset Change

* * *

Gary was the best! He is very dedicated, intelligent, entertaining and uplifting! Thanks very much, Gary

~ Hassan
Participant of Mindset Change

* * *

Gary’s knowledge gave me a better understanding about the dynamics in today’s workplace and what I can expect as I prepare myself for prospective careers!

~ Veria
Participant of Mindset Change

* * *

I definitely gained more confidence with training from the workshop! The training really helped me to better display my intellect before others and it also allows me to better communicate with others and tackle the various questions that I’m posed.

I’m very grateful for Gary who has also helped me very much too! He was very interactive with all my friends throughout the workshop and answered all our questions in a very unique and personalized manner!
I would highly recommend these workshops to everybody because if I can gain my confidence through this workshop, anybody can!

~ Munira
Tampines Junior College
Participant of Impactful Interviews, Interview Skills Workshop

* * *

The workshop really helped me change my thinking about my presentation skills. Public speaking is the biggest fear for (most people), but being able to gain confidence, stand up, be yourself to speak your mind and share your thoughts is one of the most wonderful experiences I’ve ever had!

I believe I have made progress today. I may not be perfect, but it’s definitely a meaningful first step and I feel good just to able to stand up and speak out now. The workshop definitely gave me that opportunity to do that today. I will always remember, “It’s all about others, not me!”

~ Tran Thi Kim Ha,
Undergrad and Participant of iPresent,iLead (Vietnam)

* * *

Gary was very helpful and conducts the workshops in a very lively manner to arrest the attention of the participants!
All the best Gary and keep up the good work!

~ Evelyn Tan, 40
Participant of Impactful Interviews

* * *

As our instructor, Gary has helped our students acquire useful presentation skills by sharing with us insightful principles and useful tips required for a successful public speech!

Our students have also shared with us that they were deeply impressed with his teaching style! He was lively, youthful, and undeniably, made wonderful use of his sense of humour to offer our students a hands-on experience to master presentation skills in different situations!
Gary successfully fostered our students’ desire to learn, to overcome presentation fears and to work harder to become better public speakers.

I will remember Gary as a youthful presenter and talented public speaker, and my students are longing to have him back again for future workshops!

~Truong Minh Kiet, MBA
Director of Corporate Relations (Student Assistance Centre)
University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City

2 thoughts on “Testimonials”

  1. Hi Gary !

    Thanks for sharing with us on speaking spontaneously just now ! May I check with you where can I find the materials on “asking question” in your website ?

    have a pleasant day !

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