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3 Tips to Boost Your Confidence

I cam across this video on Boosting Confidence by TED-Ed.

I must say they are simple and easy to understand, and I’ve personally used or adopted them when I was (and still am) learning about public speaking.

These are useful tips, as they are genuine principles that work.

The video takes slightly more than 4mins to complete, but will have significant impact on the way you approach learning, application and making decisions.

So check it out!

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Learn About Effective Emceeing – Online Course (Live Now)!

Update! As of 18 Nov 2015, we’ve over 341 students enrolled within a week of launching the online course.

Here is what some of them have said:

Concise yet comprehensive

Content is comprehensive and informative. The bite-sized information caters to the needs of people who are keen in picking up this art but don’t have time to commit to a face-to-face course. – Cai Feng 1 days ago

Great content

Great content – straight to the point on what is required in performing as an emcee and valuable takeaways! Brilliant! – John Cho, 2 days ago

We’ve got a special deal for those of you who are serious about upping your speaking skills as an emcee, or to become more professional.

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How to Get Yourself Quoted by the Media and Magazine Interviews

I just learned that an interview I gave in South Africa, has been published in a the South African government magazine – Presidency Update.
The interview was done outside of the Union Building – essentially SA’s government HQ. An official was in the vicinity interviewing foreign visitors about their thoughts of South Africa,
I’m glad and humbled to know that… that of all the views and comments the interviewer gathered from the group of over 10 of us, he decided to include my insights in his final publication.
I say humbled, because all of us were business owners and entrepreneurs, and by virtue of that everybody has some wonderful insights to share.
This got me thinking about some principles and techniques one can use to increase the chances of getting quoted by the media and your interviewer is. So off hand, I came up with three fundamental tips and principles, and how they relate to the laws governing #theartofinfluence:

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Five Important Things You Must have to SHINE on Stage

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes, 5 seconds. Contains 819 words

If you’re wondering about the key qualities great speakers share, look no further.

Having spent over the last 10 years on stage, I’ve had the privilege of speaking to thousands of people over the years, via different mediums, at different functions and events… and taking notes on what worked and what didn’t. Continue reading Five Important Things You Must have to SHINE on Stage