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Update! As of 18 Nov 2015, we’ve over 341 students enrolled within a week of launching the online course.

Here is what some of them have said:

Concise yet comprehensive

Content is comprehensive and informative. The bite-sized information caters to the needs of people who are keen in picking up this art but don’t have time to commit to a face-to-face course. – Cai Feng 1 days ago

Great content

Great content – straight to the point on what is required in performing as an emcee and valuable takeaways! Brilliant! – John Cho, 2 days ago

We’ve got a special deal for those of you who are serious about upping your speaking skills as an emcee, or to become more professional.

Save up to 90% on course fees when you enroll now!
See below for more details.


Hi Everybody,

after months (actually… years) of receiving emails and requests from readers from all around the world – about the art of effective emceeing, and for more resources to BE an effective emcee… I’m pleased to share we’ve created out very first online training course on the subject.

For this, I’ve worked with Joshua Sim, who’s also a public speaking trainer and experienced Masters of Ceremony coach – to get this out. Joshua has been an emcee since 2007 (9 years) and has been coaching emcees since 2009 (7 years) – so he know’s what he’s talking about. In fact, some of his students have turned professional, and are making a living off being a Master of Ceremonies… which is why we’re really excited to bring this to you.

With all the knowledge we have behind the Art of Emceeing, and with real life, proven, practical results – we’ve distilled the core skills and techniques you need to know – not only get started, but also to become more polished and professional.

More than surviving, speaking well on stage, be it as emcee or delivering a talk, has the following benefits:

  • Elevates your credibility (because you sound like you know what you’re doing)
  • Helps you be more visible to important people
  • Opens up more opportunities for you (because people know who you are)
  • Builds your confidence even further (because you know what you can do)
  • Helps you increase your income (because good speakers are hard to find!)
  • Helps you increase your income (because you can charge other people as a pro)

As part of our launch, we are offering the course FREE (U.P. US$50/-) for the first 20 readers who sign up for the course. (It’s been fully subscribed! (Sorry folks!) As  of 18 Nov 2015, we’ve over 340 students who’ve signed up for it! (Wow!)

For a limited time though, I will be offering the course to readers at US$10/- instead.

Simply drop me a message with on Facebook to get the deal.
Copy and paste this in the message box, “Hi Gary, I’d like to the $10/- deal for the Online Emcee Course” and I’ll get back to you.

(PS: I might be in class, so it might take me a while to come back to you – but I will come back to you).


You can check out the course here: 

Happy learning!

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