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Advanced Communicator (Bronze), Toastmasters International
Champion, Toastmasters International Impromptu Speech Contest 2010-2011 (Division)
Champion, Toastmasters International Evaluation Speech Contests 2010 & 2012 (Division)
Rated as one of the Top Ten Most Influential Bloggers on Public Speaking in the World
Featured on Radio 93.8Live’s Positive Business Minutes, The Living Room and A Slice of Life Hour

Gary is an award-winning speaker and serial-entrepreneur who specializes in the Art of Delivering Laser Sharp Presentations and the Authoritative Art of Influence. He has worked with business leaders and sales professionals representing 7 out of the Top 8 Fortune 500 Companies, such as Microsoft, Google, HP, Siemens, and Redhat. Among others, he has also worked with sales professionals and financial consultants from Prudential, AIA & TokioMarine in the area of enhanced sales excellence.

A highly-insightful, focused and results-driven individual, Gary has worked with Small Business Owners, Executives of MNCs and Government agencies in the area of influential communications, high-impact presentations, team-building and business development. He has also been appointed as a lecturer to post-graduate students at the National University of Singapore, and undergrads at ESSEC Business School (Asia Pacific) – two of the top universities in the world.

Gary is also an authority in the Art of Impromptu Speaking, with a solid track recording in coaching students to multiple, successful (impromptu) speech championships since 2010. He is the only coach in the world with a proven process and curriculum to help individuals speak off the cuff and deliver a desired, coherent, winning message across different contexts.

Since 2005, Gary has spoken to over 17,500 individuals in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, South Africa and the US. His insights have also been sought by the media, having appeared on Radio 938Live, The New Paper, The Straits Times, Today, New Age Parent, AsiaOne, Toastmasters, Presidential Update (South Africa)  and

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  1. Is trembling a symptom of shyness?

    A woman was talking to a man (he didn’t know her) and he seemed to have difficulty talking with her and when she walked away he began to tremble. His whole body shook.

    Can you explain how to put a person at ease who has this problem?

  2. Shyness: (noun) a feeling of fear of embarrassment.

    Trembling is a sure sign of nervousness, shyness and definitely fear. It is part of the body’s defense system when one’s afraid or anticipating pain. The brain sends signals to the muscles in preparation of reacting to anything unpleasant and potentially dangerous. It’s a syndrome that many call the “fight or flight” syndrome.

    Based on what you’ve provided me, I can only guess that the man may have trouble expressing himself. He may also feel uncertain about himself and not know how he should react to the lady’s approach. Uncertainty plays a great part in unsettling a person. Fear often arise as part of being unsettled.

    My suggestion for him would involve tweaking his focus:

    1. Concentrate on the content of the conversation, not on how things could go wrong.

    2. Smile and say hello first! Then ask her how he may help her. Making the first move will put in him in a position of power and control. Being in control will minimize uncertainty surrounding the conversation.

    3. Remember that he is unique and approachable! That’s the reason why she even bothered approaching him in the first place! There’s nothing to be afraid of except fear itself! And one has no bigger enemy than himself.

    These are some suggestions on helping him ease up. I’d also suggest that he join a Toastmasters Club to practise these skills and those that he picks up along the way.


  3. i thank you a lot gary for helping me with the event i hosted…i never thought u were that serious…but u did…i really appreciate the day i browsed this site and found a great help…in u..

    lester of phils.

  4. Hi Raymond,

    I’m glad you find my blog useful. Do continue to visit and let me know how I may help you further.

    May you continue to grow well beyond 2009 and become a speaker who makes a difference to others too.

    Best Regards,


  5. Hihi Gary!!

    You may not remember me but I am Edmund from Yuan Ching! Great blog you have here!

  6. me and my friend are doing a speech about shyness but we are really shy and don’t think we can do it. any tips?

  7. Hi Gary, just wanted to let you and your readers know that my new book Winning Body Language will be published and out this March 19th. For anyone interested in presentation skills and nonverbal communication it is a must read, so I am sending anyone who wants them free chapters in the run-up to publishing. You can sign-up for them here Keep up the great work Gary.

    Winning Body Language: Control the Conversation, Command Attention, and Convey the Right Message without Saying a Word

  8. hi gary can you give me some tips what will be i do or sample script of a program: launching of an information center. the hight lights is the turn over of the projects to the local govt. local officials are invited.i need it before jan.21 2010it will be a great help if you could share your knwlege. ill be the one to expound..

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