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Gary Guwe

Gary is an award-winning entrepreneur, speaker and business communications coach from Singapore. He is also an adjunct lecturer with the National University of Singapore. Having spent over 10 years in the learning and development industry, Gary has worked with corporate leaders and government officials, academics and youth leaders from across the Asia Pacific Region. An innate introvert, Gary learned to overcome his fear of public speaking and self-expression to deliver thought-provoking and life-empowering messages from the stage. Gary enjoys learning about about learning, public speaking and communication, entrepreneurship and inter-personal relationships. He is also a supporter of causes such as animal welfare, nature and the environment. Connect with Gary on facebook to receive more thought-provoking insights and materials!

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Joshua Sim

Hi everyone, I’m Joshua Sim, a jack of certain trades, master of some. My three love-to-dos include business, art and psychology. I’m the inventive sort, who loves creating things though may get bored after the creation process is over. Though, during the creating process, you would see me leading the charge!

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