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  1. Hi there! I came across your website while looking for helpful tips on how to be an affective MC. In two weeks time, I’ll be emceeing a big event on my school where i”m currently working. It’s an open house with various audience to show off what our school is capable of and actually it’s prime purpose is marketing so I wouldn’t want to make a big mistake on it or else I’ll be in trouble! Basically, it’s a day program with lot’s of contest from sports competitions to cooking, also drawing, coloring and other stuff. Also, there will be bazaars and we’ve got to be moving around the area. It’s some kind of a fiesta. This will be one of the biggest events I’d be hosting and I don’t really have that much experience with hosting. Really, when in front of a lot of people, I still feel like I’m shaking and I’m not confident enough. I don’t know why my boss picked me to be the MC for such big event and it’s just been a while that I’ve worked here. I know by preparing, it can lessen my worries. I hope u could help me with this. Looking forward to receiving a reply from u. thanks a lot!

  2. Hi Gary, you are a great savior. I will be Emcee- ing my company opening events on 08.12.2010. Did some Emcee- ing before but stop for quite a while.

    With you guidance, i help me to refresh the skill.

    Wish me luck….

  3. hi sir! I’ll be emceeing a graduation program next week.pls.send me a sample script on how to introduce the numbers & names in the program..
    Thank you very much!

    1. Dear All,

      due to my intense schedule these days, I’m afraid I will not be able to accede to further requests for drafting sample scripts for the time being…

      I hope everything goes well!

  4. Hi there,
    I heard a great deal about you and hope to seek some useful tips.
    I will be hosting a program on a dance anniversary, This is my first time doing the assigned task. Could you please help me with some helpful lines in preparing my script?

  5. Hey Gary, I’m so grateful to come across your web “The Shy Speaker”. Your tips are very helpful. I’m a shy writer/poet last week I had my first performance; it went well but I could hear my voice start shaking. I carried on & my audience was great, I will do it again & again. I believe to do or die, for me is not over until I win. I’m so thankful for your wisdom.

  6. Hi Gary. I know you aint drafting scripts no more but I’m wondering if you happen to already have any Christmas party emcee script? I’m due to emcee for my company’s Christmas party and am not sure how else I could make it better. Cheers.

  7. This is quite encouraging. I have stage fright too so I decided to browse on stage fright. And with these 10 points, I think I should be able to do well in my next presentation because the stage fright has really caused me problems even from people that expected much from me. I will make sure I apply the ten points and I hope to see changes.

  8. At the end Sept i am emseeing my couzin’s daughter’s wedding
    Cld u gv an outline what i should cover and highlight so as to entertain the guests instead of boring them. Much thanks. Tracy

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