Mom’s Lesson #4 – Just a Little Bit More

Children can be unbelievably hard to coax at times. When this happens, my mother does not necessarily need to resort to the sort of “penalties” to discipline us and get us to conform. Yet, neither will she allow us to have our way when my siblings and I refuse to follow through with the some simple tasks in life. I.e.: Finishing our meals or working on our assignments.

“Just a little bit more”, is what she’d always say to coax us into finishing our lunch. “Just a little bit more,” she’d always say to get us to finish learning a few more words, or answer a few more questions.

Just a little bit more…

My siblings and I usually end up finishing ALL our food, and complete just that a little bit more work than what we intended to do.

Just a little bit more.

These are 5 very simple words that made a big difference the lives of her kids. Particularly, mine.

I can recall numerous instances in life when the going got tough, and frustration, desperation and depression loomed. These were times that in life that I felt I was in a rut and I was just too tired to push on, and giving up always seemed like such an attractive and viable option.

These included the times when I was involved in a protracted struggle to qualify myself for junior college and unversity, the times when I was attempting to negotiate the physical challenges as a recruit in the army and Officer-Cadet in Singapore Police Force. These times included the challenges that I had to deal with when life strikes a blow and work overflows. When the going gets tough, these are the words that get me going.

“Hang On, (there’s) just a little bit more…”

* * *

I guess is safe to say that life is hardly ever a bed of roses. How many of us can truly raise our hands and say that they’ve never had to deal with any challenges in life?

The demands of society and our need to compete often renders us little time for “downtime”, or time for us to stop, reflect and look back on our lives. This lack of down time often leads to frustration, pain and added confusion as we seem to get stuck, and struck by blows from all directions.

Yet, when the going gets tough, always remember: Whatever comes our way life, will eventually come to pass

Just hang in there a little while longer, and do just a little bit more. Bit by bit, the days will pass, and the work will be done. Like it or not, the task will soon come to pass… and soon you’ll be able to breathe easier.

Just hang in there. Just a little bit more…

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3 thoughts on “Mom’s Lesson #4 – Just a Little Bit More”

  1. yeapX3.. nothing is permanent! Everything will be over, good or bad! So just accept whatever that happens and do our best to embrace it to our best ability! Living in the now is the key!=)

  2. Hello! =) I totally agree! Perseverance and patience are quality virtues worth developing! It is never easy facing challenges especially when they’re emotionally or mentally taxing, but through persistence and by focusing on our goals, plus a little motivation from others :), our character grows stronger!^.^

    No one is born perseverant, but it has to be developed through trials and challenges. I’m glad life works just the way it does to mould us into who we are! And of course the way we respond to life’s lessons does play a major role in shaping our individual character too. Cheers to life!

    Natasha 😀

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