Maybe Someday…

Maybe Someday, you’ll start living every day true to the best that is within you and seriously pursue your most treasured dreams.

Maybe Someday, you’ll stop holding back and live the richness of every moment and show the world who you really are.

Maybe Someday, you’ll explore the best of those possibilities that you know in your heart are there.

Maybe Someday, you’ll see how truly beautiful life can be and understand that nothing can hold you back

Maybe Someday, you’ll wake up, see how useless most of your worries have been and stope letting others hold you back.

Maybe Someday, you’ll decide that your life cannot wait any longer and you’ll wonder why you ever waited so long to start living.

Maybe Someday, you’ll decide to go for it.

Maybe Someday, is coming.

Maybe Someday, is here.

Maybe Someday, is today!

* * *

I came across this poem whilst randomly browsing in the bookstore. I found it beautifully written… and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it too!

And then, perhaps someday, you’ll do something about it?


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