A Heart to Learn to Love…

A heart to learn to love, and to love to learn. (Because there) are so many things in life to love and appreciate

I came across this quote while blog surfing (randomly of course!) and found it beautifully written by the author.

A heart to learn to love and love to learn… piques my imagination and belief in the need for appreciation in life, yet more importantly before we could fully appreciate, to learn how to appreciate the common blessings which we’ve all come to take for granted.

Appreciation is a beautiful concept that allows one to see the sun and sight of beauty, rather than the ugly and weak. It’s not really about covering up or sweeping one’s weaknesses under the carpet, but the willingness to see light in the event of darkness.

Nobody’s perfect. We’ve all our own shortcomings. Yet, are we all going to harp at each others’ weaknesses and inabilities, or rejoice at our individual strengths and uniqueness?

Which one makes you happier?

Which one makes life worth living?

What can one do by focusing on one’s weaknesses…?

I think the choice is clear.

Have a heart to learn to love, and love to learn… and appreciate.

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One thought on “A Heart to Learn to Love…”

  1. =) yes. it is impt to learn.

    Even more impt is the motivation behind one’s learning.

    When it’s out of love and appreciation for sth new, not purely for showing off a new skill or trying to prove sth to others, learning will become a joy. And u can learn in peace and not with the anxiety of failing.


    They can all come tgt when we learn the right way =)

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