It Just Keeps Getting Easier!

In an earlier post, I shared about how We Can Only Get Better! In today’s post, I’d just like share some of my thoughts and reflections I gathered from my latest public speaking adventure to reiterate once again how a particular task can only get easier after the initial trials!

I was Emcee-ing at the NUS Political Science Society’s Social Night Dinner! And though I’m still relatively new at Professional Emcee-ing since my maiden attempt at the NUS Toastmasters Club Speechcraft Workshop ,things were much easier tonight as compared to when I first began as a professional Master of Ceremonies!

Granted it, I’ve been a speaker and trainer for awhile. Yet, entertaining a group is pretty much a different ball game altogether from educating or informing a crowd! And the skills required to make people laugh and have them participate have to be learnt, practised and improved upon!

The point is, we do get better, and we can only get better if we stay the course and concentrate on becoming better communicators!

I’ve witnessed too many cases of people giving up before they even realised what went wronged and gave up on giving themselves the opportunity for change and improvement! Personally, I feel that it’s a great pity for someone to give up on opportunity of what could be and ability that has yet to materialise! It’s like throwing away a winning lottery ticket prior to the eventual revealing of the results: the winner will never know that he won… and he will never be able to claim his prize.

Winners never Quit.
Quitters never Win!

Stay the course! Be the change! Your life is in your hands!


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