​​Gary Guwe here – I’m the originator of The Shy Speakers’ Guide to Success (On Stage). I’m based in Singapore, and I’ve been a public speaker and trainer over the last 10 years, largely in the Asia-Pacific & Japan region.

Since overcoming my fear of public speaking (yes – I started as a speaker… because I was afraid and I wanted to speak better), I’ve been headhunted by a NASDAQ listed MNC, lectured at NUS and ESSEC – two of the top universities in the world – and worked with business leaders and sales people representing brands such as Microsoft, Google, HP, Redhat and Siemens (just to name a few).

I’ve worked with corporate leaders, sales professionals, small business owners and academics in the area of Effective Communications, Art of Laser Sharp Presentations, and my new signature programme – The Authoritative Art of Influence.

I designed and came up with the The Authoritative Art of Influence (AOI) after several years learning about the dynamics of communication, my corporate experience as a sales trainer and entrepreneur. I realized that, there’s more to winning agreement than persuasion… and soft-power often trumps hard sales in winning agreement.

I’m a big believer in education, entrepreneurship and the Art of Influence in transforming lives and unlocking opportunities. This blog is an archive of my years of insights, and a place I like to use to jot down my thoughts and experiences in Public Speaking, Communication and Personal Development.

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