Upcoming Workshop: The Public Speaking Secrets of Steve Jobs and Barack Obama


I’m proud to announce, that after MONTHS of preparations, we’re finally ready to bring to you our latest public education workshop on the Public Speaking Secrets of Steve Jobs and Barack Obama!

After spending hundreds of hours reviewing some of the best speeches presented by this two maestros on stage, we’ve distilled several key lessons that you can take away in the span of three hours.


Our research team has worked round the clock to review and distill hundreds of hours worth of research and lessons into 3 power-packed hours for your educational benefit.

And if you’re wondering if it’s all talk and no play… I can assure that cannot be further from the truth.

Included in this workshop (repeat, WORKSHOP!) will be opportunities for you to practice, share and network with other like-minded, positive individuals.

Your investment, if you’re coming alone (why!?) would be a mere S$50/-.

That’s $10/- per skill!

But I’m going to throw in some sweeteners for you. Come with a friend (or friends!) and we’ll give you 20% off each ticket. That’s $40/- per person if you come with your friends!

Good deal?








Nah… I cannot help it. Let’s get the party started. For those of you who are really keen, and ready to take advantage (of me), I’ll be throwing in an early registration promotion. Sign up now with a friend and enjoy each ticket at $25/- only.

You heard me right: $25/- only!

That’s 50% off the original price!

All to reward your enthusiasm and for being proactive when it comes to learning.

To register, simply click on the following link:


Select the respective ticketing options, register with participant details and you’re set.

It’s that simple!

So what are you waiting for?

Register for the workshop today!

For more information on the programme, simply click on the event poster and scroll through the posters. Alternatively, you may reach me by mail at gary@garyguwe.com or gary@speak-ventures.com. Drop me a mail at either address and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Here’s looking forward to meeting you soon!

Best Regards,

Gary G


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