Why You Must Speak!

Ideas are a matter of taste. What is a good idea to some is a bad idea or boring to others.

A good idea is a clever solution to a problem – one I have never seen before.

But if an idea is not taken up and used as a solution to a problem, it has no value.

It becomes a non-idea.

Lying in a drawer, it is useless.

Worse than useless, it’s a complete waste of space.

Ideas have to be applied before they can be recognized as good ideas.

Even a bad idea executed is better than a good idea undone.

The longer it is used, the better the idea is considered to be.

That is why the wheel is considered the best idea ever!

– A page out of Paul Arden’s book

What does this have got to do with Public Speaking you say?


In fact, it’s a big reason why I’ve decided to become an educator.

You see, I’ve always believed that ideas have the potential to transform lives. Secretly, I think that’s something I share with the late Steve Jobs too!

But the main thing is this: Ideas – Knowledge, Information, Experiences – can be used to effect change, and change by itself holds the potential for positivity.

Which is why, Public Speaking is such an important skill: The One who can speak, holds the power to change lives, sometimes even millions of lives, forever. At the very least, he/she can change the lives of the people around him/her, if not him/herself.

Are your ideas getting through? Or are you still too afraid keeping them in the drawer?

Make it a point to share them with others, this New Year!


2 thoughts on “Why You Must Speak!”

  1. Excellent Points!

    You can have world changing ideas, but if you can’t communicate them in a manner that Educates, Entertains, and Explains them so others GET IT, they might as well, as you say, stay in the drawer!

    Thanks for the Post!

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