Enhancing the Quality of Your Visual Presentations with PowerPoint 2007

Design Well and Present Well

Are you a user of PowerPoint? Ever thought of designing and delivering more professionally looking presentations with PowerPoint?

Going around, in my quiet moments, I’ve been observing presentations and instances for learning and sharing with you. And the theme for September shall be dedicated to helping you enhance the quality of the design for your visual slides – most notably those made using PowerPoint.

For starters, I’m already in the midst of preparing a post on the principles of visual aid-designs for your benefit, but in the mean time, for those of you who wish to learn more about the functions of PowerPoint 2007 and things to bear in mind when designing your slides, I thought here are a couple of links that you might find helpful:

– Using Shadows Effects on PowerPoint 2007

– Image Fading Technique in PowerPoint

– How Colors Can Make Your PowerPoint Charts More Digestible

What I love about these posts is that the author has taken the pains to actually detail the process by providing step by step instructions about how you can use those functions to enhance your design and presentation.

Furthermore (if you’ve the time), you could actually look through the blog and to find out more about the design and visual-design principles to adhere to.

For all you busy people out there (I know you are one of them!), I’ve taken the liberty the three links is just a start.

Watch this space for more tips you can use to enhance your visual-presentations!

Remember, you saw it first here

Your Friend,

Gary G

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