The Shy Speakers’ Guide on Facebook!

Here’s an Update that’s taken too long to arrive: The Shy Speakers’ Guide is coming to Facebook!

And to celebrate this launch, I’m going to release my latest compilation of speaking tips and techniques (with bonus resources) that will be free for you to download!

For all you emcee-wannabes, I may even throw in a couple of sample scripts or two. *winks*

Just sign up and follow that page by the end of the month (31st July) to receive the download link!

For those of you who have questions, reach me directly and share your questions and discussions with everybody online at the page!

Offer for a limited period only! So sign up now!

Here’s the link!

Talk soon!

2 thoughts on “The Shy Speakers’ Guide on Facebook!”

    1. Hi Fred!

      thanks for getting in touch! Definitely, social media is a really exciting platform and allows almost everybody to connect with almost everybody else in seemingly close proximity.

      Heck, it even allows me to connect with Obama if I wanted to!

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