Susan Boyle: A Story of Talent, Persistance and Belief

Who is Susan Boyle?
Who is Susan Boyle?

If I’ve said it once, I’ve must have said it a thousand times: our mindset is fundamental to our success and failure.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Our mindsets pave the way for us to move forward, allows us to pursue opportunities and open up new doors to progress… and overcome adversity and challenges.

Talent, skill and ability are irrelevant if one does not have the right attitude and mindset…

Never mind that one may harbor false hopes and misplaced beliefs every now and then – making mistakes is just another way of learning. But it’s my assertion and belief that you’ll never know until you do attempt it.

It takes courage, definitely. But you’ll be surprised what gems or golden opportunities you might uncover because you dared to venture into places that others fear to thread.

And there’s no simply no stopping you when your talent and abilities meet the opportunity.

This lady in the following video offers such a case in point. She’s almost half a century old, unemployed, and has never had the opportunity to pursue her dream of singing. And as compared to the divas that grace the stages in the modern entertainment industry… she is by far less endowed.

She is Susan Boyle – a singer-wannabe who made her an appearance on stage during the talent show Britain’s Got Talent. She was asked to share her dream – she replied: to be like Elaine Paige, a famous English singer and actress.

The judges were unconvinced. The audience laughed. Some smirked. Too many wannabes had come, boasted and failed.

Would she be another William Hung who had truly believed that in what he had to give? Let’s find out:

Courtesy of Techblog Dallas News
Courtesy of Techblog Dallas News

* * *






Have you watched the video?

What are your thoughts?

What were your thoughts when you first saw Susan Boyle? Did you think she’d make it? [Or did my introduction set you up for the surprise? *Be Honest!*]

Seriously, how many of us would have given Susan a fighting chance based on first impression?

Very importantly too, how many of us would have dared to pursue that dream and let our talents shine given Susan’s circumstances?

Some may assert that given her talent… why not? But I’d like to remind you that even the judges’ assessment surprised Susan, and her reaction to Pearce’s “biggest yes” and Amanda’s endorsement suggested that she wasn’t 100% confident of making it through.

Essentially, it all boils down to the mind and your beliefs.

Talented and capable people have been overlooked. Whilst mployees and HR departments are partially responsible for that. But individuals have a part to play for not actively pursuing and developing their talents too. For some, a lack of awareness may be the reason. For others, a lack of belief in their strengths and abilities is the main reason.

Are you content with staying overlooked?

In any case, success comes when talent meets opportunity. Would you be ready when opportunity comes knocking? And do you have the belief to take it on?

May this inspirational video serve as a reminder that it’s important to belief in one’s abilities and ensure that one is ready for action before opportunity knocks.

And be persistent too. Do not forget, Susan spent almost 36 years since she was 12 for the opportunity to present itself on Britain’s Got Talent.

Take the first step. Believe.

May your dreams and talents take flight – and may your beliefs be rewarded.


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