Are You a PowerPoint Terrorist?

The Dark Side of PowerPoint

We All Know the Story.

You walk in for the presentation, only to see the speaker setting up.

The projector is on and his every move is seen by everyone in the audience…

He clicks on his file. The PowerPoint loads and it does, you notice:

Horror No 1: You notice that there are 645 slides in the entire presentation

Horror No 2:
They all look like this (below)

Honey... I shrunk the words

You say to yourself, “Maybe the speaker might be interesting and engaging…”

Your hopes shimmer for awhile as you sense that the speaker’s about to make eye contact.

Your hopes are dashed when you realise:

Horror No 3:

I love you PowerPoint... Lead me Read the Ways...

He establishes eye contact with the screen.

We all know what happens next.

You start struggling with the “Z” Monster. A brave soul from the audience decides to take things into his own hands.

He leaves the room to create his own PowerPoint presentation

We see this the next day:

Death by Powerpoint

* * *

Let’s face it. PowerPoint “Presentations” are a pain! And if Osama bin Laden were a less charismatic leader, he could still have used Powerpoint as his weapon of mass destruction!

Speaking of a PowerPoint Terrorist, have you ever wondered if you could be one of them too?

Here are some things to help you decide whether you’re an amateurish or professional PowerPoint terrorist.

Amateurish Terrorist:

* You start preparing for your presentation by preparing your PowerPoint

* You aim to squeeze in as many words as possible on a single slide

* Your “points” are really sentences

* Your “points” are not sentences, but paragraphs

* There are only words in your presentation

* You say I’m wrong because there are also numbers in your PowerPoint

* You say I’m really wrong because there are also 10 diagrams which you call pictures on a single slide in your PowerPoint

* You like to use bright colours on bright backgrounds

* You use the same design template for all your presentations

* You cannot survive a presentation without PowerPoint

* You worship PowerPoint by turning your back to(and on) the audience

* You think PowerPoint is sexy and give all your attention & eye contact to the screen on stage

* You’re afraid you’d forget your points, so you put everything on PowerPoint

* You’re afraid you’d forget your ‘script’, so you decided to put it on PowerPoint

* You know you get bored when you read and hear word for word, but decided to do it anyway!

Professional Terrorist:

*You know all the above. And you commit them deliberately!

Want to know how you can truly and indeed use PowerPoint as an Angel to help you enhance the quality of your presentation?

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4 thoughts on “Are You a PowerPoint Terrorist?”

  1. I’d rather lick the fluff out from between the keys on my keyboard than sit through a presentation like that. A good speaker can talk for an hour from ten bullet points – makes for a really sparse slideshow but a great speach.

  2. Hi PowerPresenter,

    Thank’s for dropping by! Indeed, a successful speech calls for attention to be on the speaker – the main medium – rather than the slideshow which is supposed to be secondary anyway.

    But with concerted effort, we can reduce the number of casualties of PP Terrorism.

    Let the PowerPoint Revolution begin!

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