Shy Speaker’s Interview on Radio 938Live – Q&A to Share!

Behind the scenes at 93.9Live
Behind the scenes at 93.9Live

And so we have it! The author of this blog got to share his views on public speaking on national radio! Now how many speakers can claim to have done that! (*winks*)

Alright, just let me bask in that moment of glory for awhile I revel in that experience. Well, to say the least, it was a really eventful experience. I was told by Stanley, the presenter and producer of the talkshow: The Living Room, to standby for a few calls to come in – it’s a Live show after all – but not to keep my hopes too up high because listeners usually don’t. He went on to add that listeners usually only call when there’s a health expert on the show…

Oh well, what the heck. Not that it really mattered. Stanley had already prepared a list of questions to ask me anyway… and so we began.

If the old adage that “Public Speaking is number one fear that supersedes the fear of death” is anything to go by, this interview certainly proved it. Because we had… not one – but two listeners who called with questions for me! Imagine that!

It was an a pleasant surprise. And an honour. Celebrities have gone on the show without a single call coming in… so I consider myself privileged to address the concerns of two callers. And for your benefit, I’m going to post their questions here so that you can benefit from the interview too. Here they are:

Question: How can I use IT to enhance my presentation?

Technology has given us more opportunities to enhance our presentations by allowing us to engage our audience through the use of audio and visual tools.

To engage your audience audibly, consider playing a little mood music before hand to get them settled and in the mood.

To engaged your audience visually, use high resolution pictures or play a video. You can download pictures from popular websites such as flickr and videos from youtube and metacafe etc.

One point to note though – visual aids such as powerpoint are essentially, a visual AID. Do not use it as a crutch by putting all your points on the screen. A test of whether you’re using it as a crutch is to consider if you’re able to present your points should technology fail. If you’re able to do so, then you’re good.

Question 2: I’m often asked to talk about aging to my audience. But as you know, the truth sometimes hurt. And I don’t want to lie because I feel that I’m obliged to tell the truth. What should I do?

The truth often hurts. Indeed. But it need not always the case. What you could do is to tamper your truth with kindness, and focus on the things that your audience can do. By that, I mean the solutions to their problems and the constructive ideas that they can take away from your talk.

Your audience is after all, here to gather value. They should leave uplifted, not demoralised and downtrodden after listening to you. So shift your focus a little bit and add in a little kindness. Be uplifting and encouraging.

* * *

Editor’s Note: As some of you may have heard, I’ve been presenting a series of short snippets on Public Speaking on 938Live for the month of November after my initial interview on the Living Room. Apparently, there were areas the Station wanted to cover that we couldn’t during that half an hour so they invited me back to share more on the Positive Business Minutes segment in November. (Alright!)

Still, most of the snippets had to be confined to last between 1-2mins, and I understand that they might not be comprehensive enough to cover you concerns. So, I’m inviting you to write to me or post your concerns on this blog so that I can get back to you when I see them.

Don’t be shy!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


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