Viva Victoria! – VJC Public Speaking Bootcamp

It’s been over a month now… yet I still can’t get them out of my head! I’m referring to the vivacious students from Victoria Junior College!

You see, I was given the unique opportunity to conduct the 2 day public speaking bootcamp for the group of pre-university students, and it was a blast spending time with everyone at the Singapore Management University (SMU)!

I was immensely impressed with the group’s desire to learn and better themselves – despite having a good portion of them being scholars and soon-to-be scholars (yes… they’re that smart!), they were humble and eager to learn. Not only did they participate wholeheartedly in our series of games and the activities that came after each lesson, many found the time to throw up questions when doubt set in too! This allowed lots of time for personalized troubleshooting, and everyone got to learn from everyone from the session.

Now, perhaps the biggest gratification I’ve gathered from the two day workshop was witnessing the growth of every student – most notably in the area of confidence and their ability to deliver value and credibility.

Most of the students came in with uncertainty and identified stage fright and nervousness as one of the biggest challenges that they wanted to overcome – and overcome stage fright and shyness they did. At the end of the training, we witnessed a transformation of a group of shaky, nervous students into another that was able to command the attention of the audience, and command the stage as if they it were their own.

We capped the entire training session with our trademarked Speakers Idol where our participants showcased what they learned over the two days and charmed the socks off their fellow schoolmates.

To all the participants of the VJC Public Speaking Boot Camp, WELL DONE! It was an amazing experience training with you guys. Whilst you’re being engaged in your personal journeys of personal and academic excellence, remember that everything is possible – with the right strategy and spirit.

Until we meet again, remember the mantra and principle that we’ve learned and applied throughout the workshop: PUBLIC SPEAKING IS FUN!


Having Fun

Still Having Fun!

VJC Speakers Idol (Champion) Jun Guang

VJC Speakers Idol (1st Runner Up) Jovial Jovena

VJC Speakers Idol (2nd Runner Up) Edmund

Simply Wonderful: VJC Public Speaking Boot Camp!

Looking forward to training with you soon, again!


3 thoughts on “Viva Victoria! – VJC Public Speaking Bootcamp”

  1. Hey Jerald!

    Great to hear from you again! How’re you doing?

    Would love to do another round of speech games with you guys again!

    Perhaps after your A Levels? Keep me posted on what’s happening in your school yea?

    Talk soon!

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