The Power of Personality!

Oh dear me! I’d never thought I’d see such an example of personality on stage! And I’m glad I did!

You see, I’m not a big fan of television (amazing, considering how we used to be inseparable when I was younger), but as fate would have it, I switched it on today just in time to catch the latest episode of American Idol on tv! Now, I’m not a big fan of the series either. I’ve nothing against it, I’m just not glued to it. But, I’m so glad that I’d managed to chance upon it today – simply because of the example I want to show you pertaining to the power of personality on stage!

Yes! That episode got me so excited that I’ve decided to blog about it now (whilst I’m still in the middle of preparing for my examinations…)!

Alright, enough preliminaries! Here’s a quick lowdown of the episode to give you a little more information about what I’m all excited about:

In this episode, participants had to sing a song composed by the Legendary Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber.

For those less informed, Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber is the composer of The Likes of Us, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor® Dreamcoat, Jesus Christ Superstar, By Jeeves, Evita, Cats, Starlight Express, The Phantom of the Opera, Aspects of Love, Sunset Boulevard, Whistle Down the Wind, The Beautiful Game and The Woman in White, among many others.

Performers were given the choice to choose a song composed by Sir Lloyed Webber and they were also given the chance to come face to face to learn from the legendary man himself.

I had the unique opportunity to sit through the first two performances before I decided to call time to blog and return to my books. But, I felt that the first two performances by Syesha Mercado and Jason Castro were enough to give you an insight into my topic for the day.

Well, I’m not going to spoil it for you… and many of you would know my style by now. I want you to watch the following clips first and try to spot the element of difference between both performers!

Syesha Mercado

Jason Castro



Watched them already?


Did you observe the difference in effect and POWER between both singers?

Now, with all due respect to both singers – it must really mean something to have made it so far in the competition – I felt that the key element that differentiated both performers was personality.

Yep, you heard me right: PERSONALITY!

As a speaker, presenter and performer, your style and personality are some of the key traits that stand you out on stage. I’m not kidding! Just think about it!

Anyone could present and speak the same content, mouth the same words, wear the same clothes, hold the same file, use the same statistic, share the same joke/story or use the same powerpoint slide. But people with different personalities who give the same presentation will achieve a different effect!

The key point I want to highlight here is that as a speaker and presenter, you’ve the ability to stand out simply by letting your unique personality shine. Syesha was a performer. She was able to put personality in it. Jason couldn’t, in this episode (and Sir Lloyd Webber gave us a hint of that at 1:21).

Techniques and speaking strategies aside, you must understand yourself sufficiently to be able to present your personality. As a guide, I’ve attached some questions at the end of this post to help you find out more about yourself. They’re not exhaustive, but I think they’ll be useful for a start.

That said, I must say that daring to show your personality demands confidence and a massive amount of courage – and it’s really an advanced attribute where speaking and performance is concerned.

So, is it something that only seasoned speakers should gear themselves towards?

NO! I believe it is something that ALL speakers should gear themselves towards achieving! Hey, if there’s a goal that anyone should set in the realm of public speaking, then I think everyone should set their sights on reaching that level where they dare to bare their unique and powerful personality!

Being professional and being skilled with the speaking strategies cannot guarantee that you’d stand out. But having that unique personality can!

Now get out there and let your personality shine!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Questions to Consider

– What are your values and interests?
Why? Why? Why?

– What are the things in life that drive you?
Why? Why? Why?

– What some things in life that excite you?
Why? Why? Why?

– What do you enjoy doing?
Why? Why? Why?

– If you could give up everything just to do one thing, what would it be?
Why that? Why’s it important to you? Why not something else?

– If you were to die tomorrow, would you continue doing the things that you’ve mentioned above?

If your answer the last question is a no, then go back to question 1 and answer it again!

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