Body Language in Action

I chance upon this gem whilst I was randomly surfing for Body Language on Youtube.

Here, we get to see three politicians campaigning and having their body language critiqued by body language expert Mark Bowden.

I think Mark’s analysis offers us a great deal of insight into the world of body language, and if you’re sharp enough, you would be able to see some of the techniques I spoke about in my earlier post on Power Moves at play.

Check out the video to see if you can spot those principles in action. Better still, see for yourself body language at work in campaigns, debates, and how it’s effective use can help the candidate win over the electorate.

After all, Mark says it best when he said: A voter may not understand all of the candidate’s policies or what they stand for exactly, but they may well trust it. And if they trust it, they will put an X. Otherwise, they will just leave it blank!

Check it out!

Be intrigued!


3 thoughts on “Body Language in Action”

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  2. Hi Gary – Thanks for the comments on my work. You’ve done some great research and are really onto some strong fundamentals of universal body-language. If you would like to get a glimpse of some real secrets on how archetypal non-verbal communication works to persuade and influence; secrets that only the top performers have know and passed between themselves over centuries, then go to and drop me a line. Well done for your work. Great blog.

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