Hong Kong Model United Nations Conference

I had just returned from a hugely rewarding Conference in Hong Kong – the Hong Kong Model United Nations Conference 2008. To put it in the simplest sense, it was a real eye opener, and I enjoyed every minute of it!

What’d greatly impressed me when I was in Hong Kong, was probably the immense drive and determination the students at the conference had to succeed. I was highly impressed with their desire to learn, and their hunger to excel. Their attitude was simply stunning – and (to put it honestly), the sights and scenes of people asking questions, exchanging ideas and debating policies so freely were experiences I’d find hard forget.

Indeed, if I were to give Singapore credit for it’s planning capabilities, I’d give the Hong Kongers credit for their attitude. Earnest, Eager, Assertive, Determined, Driven and Focused. Simply impressive.

If anything, I’ve learned to appreciate the amazing dynamics and culture of those people in other countries.

There is always a danger of taking things for granted, for thinking that we’re the center of the universe, and that we already know everything that there is to know.

Reality, can hardly be further from the truth.

The world is certainly a very, very big place, with a surprise and lesson hiding behind every nook and cranny. For me, Hong Kong has certainly reignited my fire, passion and hunger for learning and growing.

May we continue to embark on this hugely rewarding journey of learning and growth, where behind every street offers us another opportunity to be surprised!


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