What Lies in a Spark?

What lies in a spark? That tiny, insignificant burst of energy. That little glimmer of light that flashes and lasts for that split second. What good does it make? And what power does it have?

It’s just an insignificant spark.

Or is it?

The dawn of our civilisation began with the spark with the discovery of fire. Life on our planet exists only because of energy that results from the billions of billions of sparks produced by our Sun. Everything else that results, is a spinoff from that very first spark. That very first spark.

I’ve been looking back in amazement, at my journey as the President of the NUS Toastmasters Club. Not only have I grown in assuredness and communication competency, but together with my executive committee, we’ve tripled the size of the club, and are on our way to achieving 10 out 10 DCP goals, a feat which the club has never achieved in 15 years since its establishment.

Yet, all these could not have been possible, without the encouragement and inspiration that I had received from a chance meeting with an experienced and very much respected Toastmaster. It was our very first meeting at a club meeting in Kampong Glam in which he shared with me the benefits of running for office, and encouraged me to take it up, despite it being my first year in the Toastmasters Movement.

The rest is history.

Yet, all these would have been in naught, without that 30minutes of sharing, and encouragement. All it took, were a sincere sharing of words, and insights, and a life was changed forever… and through that one change, several others’ too.

I often look on in wonder, at children clinging on to their mothers, and those in class listening to their teachers. Or that beggar on the street. Teenagers struggling to find an identity, and workers, professionals going about their daily job. Everyone is a recipient, and effector of the spark. It only takes a little action of thanks, appreciation, or simple stroke of genius to change a life forever, for better or worse. A simple thank you can lighten up lives and brighten days. A simple smile can lift a soul. A simple act of kindness, and forgiveness, can undo the weary carrying burden. And a simple, encouragement, especially to an impressionable kid, can change his/her life forever.

Who’s there to say what he/she cannot do when he/she’s only three or four? Kids have a whole life ahead of them. And their possibilities are limitless. So are our destinies. They are constantly shaped by our choices and are actions that follow them.

We are the result of our choices, as well as the result of other people’s kindness, amongst others. Of course, as much as we’re recipients of positivity, we’re also recipients of negativity. Yet, the power of the human spirit, has always been in its ability to choose, and as a result, dictate the direction of its destiny.

In this instance, we’ve got a choice to be react and effect positively, or negatively, creatively or destructively. We’ve all got a choice.

What would your choice be?

Would you be the reactive positively or negatively to all that life throws at you? Would you suck lemons or make lemonade?

Well, I’ve challenge for you. Make Lemonade, and give it to those around you.

Be the spark, and lighten up somebody else’s life. You will never know how many lives you’ll be changing, either directly or indirectly.


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