Growth & Participation at NUS Speechcraft – 11 December

And so I’ve returned from the dreaded exams to kickstart the club’s 2nd Round of Speechcraft Workshops at the National University of Singapore.

As expected, the mood and nature of the crowd was vastly different that which we entertained in June. This cohort appeared more intellectual, and they were so serious about learning that they were practically taking down everything that my trainers and I were saying! It was amazing! Yet, despite the differences, the group still shared certain key characteristics with the speechcrafters of yester-months (is there such a word?). That binding characteristic – a keen desire to learn, grow!

And learn and grow we did, as we immersed ourselves in a series of experiential learning and practice sessions! What impressed me the most, was probably the sight of having several enthusiastic participants volunteering themselves to take up every speaking opportunity possible!

Notably, it became apparent, that those who seized the initiative to speak and participate benefited the most from the entire event. Indeed, growth and pArtiCipaTION go hand in hand. And here’s how the following people grew at the Speechcraft Workshop on 11th December!


I was impressed with how forthcoming and enthusiastic some of the participants were at the workshop! I was delighted that they responded to my call to participate fully and seize every opportunity to speak (on stage).

I was equally impressed with their spirit and appetite for learning! Not in a long time (outside the Toastmasters) have I met such a big group of people who were so hungry for growth and learning! Indeed, it was a joy to train a group of eager and earnest participants. More importantly, it was a delightful experience to have been able to create value in the life of others!


It must be noted, that many of the facilitators who took part last Saturday were relatively inexperienced where facilitating is concerned. It would be interesting to note that a good proportion of them had joined us from our very first speechcraft workshop!

However, I was delighted with the manner they rose to the occasion to excel in their roles! Some were nervous and clammed up before we got the workshop underway, refusing to mingle with any of the participants as they strolled into the room! Yet, by the end of the day, most had broken through their initial fears and barriers and emerged as stronger and more confident communicators!

Kudos to the Facilitators!

NUS Toastmasters Club

The club has come a long way since it first began its revamption and rejuvenation! Not only is it creating more opportunities for its members to speak, grow, and gain exposure, it has also grown in experience and professionalism.

It is no coincidence, that Saturday’s speechcraft workshop was arguable the club’s best ever. It’s a testament that the club’s is only as strong as its members, and I’m delighted to be part of the culture that seeks to maximise each and every member’s potential in communication and speaking excellence!

2 thoughts on “Growth & Participation at NUS Speechcraft – 11 December”

  1. gary! can send me the pictures and videos that were taken on the day? tks and great job with the speechcraft. it was very well carried out. 🙂

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