Life is Like Driving

Life can only be lived looking forward,
and understood by looking backward.

Life is pretty much like driving. We’re allowed to look back once in a while through the side and rear view mirrors. Yet, in order to navigate safely through traffic, to reach our destination, we have got to keep our eyes peeled on the road ahead.

There are also many things in life that are out of our control. Our progress may even be slowed by obstacles (ie traffic lights) at times. Hey we may even have to contend with the occasional inconsiderate driver! Hey, it’s people like these are the people around us that life “interesting”, don’t they?

We all know that we are powerless to stop these negative externalities. Like it or not, they will happen from time to time. What we can do, however, is to continue on our journey as best as we can. Safely and competently. Perhaps, creating some positive externalities for others in the process even?

Life can only be lived looking forward.

Let us all look forward to tomorrow, face the challenges that come our way with courage and confidence!

Challenge yourself to speak! Live your dreams and passion!

And may we all look back on our lives with admiration and satisfaction when it’s time for us, to stop our engine.

Live with passion!


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