PSB’s 10 Most Influential Bloggers on Public Speaking

After an entire month’s (hush-hush, top secret) research and evaluation of 40 public speaking sites, The Public Speaking blog has released its list of the Top 10 Most Influential Bloggers on Public Speaking!

Here are the Results:

1. Garr Reynolds — Presentation Zen

2. Life Hacker

3. John Kinde — Humor Power

4. Nancy Tierney — Unconditional Confidence

5. Tom Antion — Great Public Speaking

6. Paul Evans — Instant Speaking Success

7. Steve Pavlina – Personal Development For Smart People

8. Darren Fleming — Executive Speaking

9. Gary Guwe — Connexion! Communication Resources!

10. Bronwyn Ritchie — Pivotal Public Speaking

The ranking is based on a scoring system that looks at content, personality, traffic, frequency and authority. Visit the post for the full reviews of these sites!

* * *

I must admit, being included in a list consisting of so many accomplished International Speakers did come as a surprise… A BIG, BIG surprise to be exact! Especially when I seem to be the youngest (woo hoo!) out of the entire list of A-bloggers *winks*!

Anyway, though I’m delighted and flattered to be recognised by such an accomplished speaker like Eric, I’ll definitely continue my research into the Fine Art of Communication and Interpersonal Relationships so as to present and provide everyone with greater value on this site! =)

The fun… has just begun!

Live with Passion!

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