Podcast: Speaksmart 2

Popular Podcast offering listeners insights and ideas on how we could improve our public speaking performances is back with Part 2!

As with the first installment, I found this podcast to be highly comprehensive and insightful! More importantly, the quality of the material and suggestions are EASY enough for most of us to understand and Implement in most of our EVERYDAY speeches and presentations.

I was particularly intrigued by the way the speakers’ sharing on handling “interesting” characters who pose questions that make your blood boil or chill when you’re on stage!

While, the first installation offered us insights mostly into how we could go about preparing and planning for our speech, this latest installation continues to tackle presentation issues such as:

1. Pre-Presentation Preparation

Ie.: Grooming, pre-speech rituals, psychological and emotional preparation, audience analysis, adapting to different speaking environments etc.

2. Delivering the Speech

Ie: Tricks for using lecterns and microphones, staging, using visual aids and using powerful gestures etc

3. Ending Your Speech / Presentation

Ie: How to end a speech/presentation on a High Note, Accepting an Applause, Handling Questions and Answers segment…

… and MORE!

No special tricks or secret strategies… just stuff that work! *wink*

Now… the sacred link that everyone’s waiting for:

Speak Smart 2

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