Are You Hungry for Growth?

My club had just concluded a successful joint meeting with Toastmasters from the Nanyang Technological University as well as visiting Toastmasters from Hong Kong’s Lingnan University yesterday, and I must say it was indeed a refreshing experience and an eye-opener for me to have met so many like-minded youths from such diverse cultural backgrounds coming together to speak and share ideas within the same room!

However, what struck me most from yesterday’s Joint Meeting involving 4 Toastmasters Clubs from 3 Universities was the intense desire for growth. This, especially from our visiting Toastmasters at Lingnan University.

I must say I was very impressed with the quality of their speeches and creativity! Even though I had to miss a big part of the meeting, I could appreciate and sense their intense desire for improvement, and the commitment they had towards bettering themselves!

It was not surprising that the best speaker for the evening came from our guests from Lingnan U.

But here’s the question I’d like to post to you:

What is your commitment towards growth? Learning and growth may not always be a pleasurable experience. How strong is your desire for betterment in the face of pain and adversity?

As far as I see it, I believe everybody has got two choices:

1. Give up, return to our comfort zone and be contented with mediocrity.

2. Boot up, lace up and prepare for battle with our innermost fears and demons in our quest for excellence.

Now then, having read this far, I wouldn’t be surprised if anyone were to come up to me to ask me if it’s wrong to choose option 1 over 2. After all, why give up comfort and security for the sake of pain and uncertainty?

Well, there’s really no right or wrong answer to such a generic situation. However, consider the limitations that are holding you back from achieving the things that you REALLY want in life – items that really have the potential to bring you to a higher level of contentment and pleasure in life, ie.: better communication and ties with your family, friends and loved ones.

It may be communicating how much you love them. It may also be about acknowledging and apologising for the hurt which you had inflicted (whether purposely or accidentally) upon them earlier.

Yet, your inability to communicate your love and appreciation for them is holding you back from achieving that desired state of love and fulfillment because saying “I Love You” and “I’m sorry, I was wrong” was never in your vocabulary of actions and words.

Which choice would you take then? Would you return to stay within your comfort zone? Or would your desire for growth and IMPROVEMENT shine through the pain of progress to elevate you to your desired state?

I know there are a lot of dynamics, techniques and strategies involved in the process of growth. Yet, all these are secondary if one’s primary step to progress is absent. This primary step is non other than Desire. It is this intense desire that gives birth to courage, which in turns gives us the strength to weather all pain and disappointment, to overcome all odds in our quest for victory.

Now, how much do you desire to become a better public speaker and communicator? How much do you WANT to be able to express yourself clearly and effectively.

More importantly, HOW MUCH do YOU WANT to finally receive that rousing APPLAUSE that YOU CRAVE to hear after each successful speech?

Your Desire Determines your Destiny.

Live with Passion! Speak with Life!


2 thoughts on “Are You Hungry for Growth?”

  1. Hi Gary

    I thought I would take the time to leave a comment in relation to your article.

    I thought that it was a well presented and balanced article. I have an interest in personal development and will continue to watch your posts.

    Best wishes and kind regards


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