Everybody Wants to Be Entertained!

Everybody wants to be entertained. And when I mean entertained, I do not mean entertainment in the Russel Peters or Jerry Seinfield sense!

Entertainment is not necessarily confined to the field of humour. Horror, mystery, drama and fantasy are other forms of entertainment that appeal to the senses of people. Don’t you think so?

Why do horror films such as Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th series continue to attract crowd after crowd after crowd after all these years? (Granted it, the movie series have stopped for awhile, but horror films and novels aren’t extinct yet, aren’t they?). Then there are dramatic films picturing exploding cars and Robots that talk and fight each other, a 60 year who returns to the ring and wins a boxing match against his younger, faster and stronger opponent *wink* – films that continue to attract and keep us riverted to our seats.

Then there are other forms of entertainment media too. There are plays, stand-up comedies, mimes, concerts and MTVs! People are generally attracted to anything that entertains them!

Understanding this principle, it’s not surprising that manufacturers have paid millions of dollars to Marketing and Advertising agencies to create eye catching and entertaining advertisements in their quest for personal branding! Frankly, can anyone really tell the difference between a Coke and Pepsi? Yet, the power of branding and entertainment has cemented and instilled a sense of brand loyalty deep in our subconscious mind!

Think Coca Cola – think Quality, Appeal, Individualisation. Think ‘Real’ & Trust Coca Cola!

Think Pepsi Cola – think of sports and football!

Thnk Virgin Atlantic – and think of all the wacky commercial that it’s been featuring over the years!

I’ve attached some videos below to highlight my points:

Coca Cola – Grand Theft Auto Ad

Pepsi Cola – Soccer

Virgin Atlantic

Well… won’t you remember this last one for awhile?

Entertainment grips us. He who’s able to entertain his audience or crowd wins half the race in becoming a better speaker and networker.

Now, work on becoming a better entertainer!

Learn to use vocal variety, gestures, facial expressions, pauses, rhythm, volume and pitch etc to add value to your speech and dealings with people!

Make someone smile today!

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