Why Wait Till Death?

I was letting my thoughts run wild when suddenly a thought came to mind. It seemed to strike me that lots of words of appreciation and positivity seem to appear at the time of a person’s death. Words like “He was a good man, always eager to help and make a difference…” and “She was always there for me when I needed a listening ear…” etc.

Why is it that such words of appreciation seem to appear only upon a person’s death? Why do we reserve such powerful, moving words for times when the main characters whom these are dedicated to are gone? Why do we only speak of them when they’re no longer around?

It makes no sense! Here we are living, craving for appreciation and it’s emotional fulfillment, finding it hard to come by… only to receive it when we’re gone – when it no longer matters anymore!

It’s absurb!

Mitch Albom, author of the international best selling book Tuesdays With Morrie, which coincidentally propelled him to international fame and success, wrote about how his beloved friend and professor, Morie, realised the absurdity and pity of having these words of appreciation read to him after his death that he organised a living funeral for himself! Due to his illness and impending death, he had over all his close friends and associates to have them read out what they might have wanted to say at his funeral at his death… in his presence before he actually died!

Now isn’t that a novel idea!?

Gary Chapman, psychologist and author of insightful books The Five Languages of Love and The Five Languages of Apologies, mentioned that one of the key languages of Love was Appreciation. His assertion was that one must learn how to speak the love language of another in order for the other party to feel loved. Appreciation was one of those Five Languages of Love.

John C. Maxwell, trainer, speaker and expert in field of human relationships and leadership noted that Appreciation was a vital ingredient in forging healthy and powerful human relationships in his book, There’s No Such Thing As Business Ethics! In it, he shares with us the golden rule of dealing with people and how there’s no such thing as “Business” Ethics or ethics in business, but only Ethics in Life… and how appreciation plays it’s role in dealing with people rightly.

Considering the demand and immense importance of Appreciation in the lives of people today… it astounds me to note that so many of us are still so petty and reluctant at whipping it out for others, especially considering that it doesn’t take much for the giver to share some words of appreciation, and how little gestures like these could go a long way in forging healthier and stronger relationships!

Examining the situation carefully, one of the key reasons (or excuses) that I can come up with is that most of us are unaware of the power and significance of appreciation in our lives. After all, you can’t use what you don’t know!

Therefore, it is with this in mind that I’m writing this… at 3.05 am in the morning.

YES!!! I’m awake at 3.05 in the morning writing this to inform all my faithful readers to reiterate the concept of Appreciation in everybody’s lives! Aren’t you touched? *winks* Now… how about some appreciation for me too?

Anyway, I’ll be stopping here. I will continue to share with everyone regarding the concept of appreciation, as well as stories on how it has impacted and helped me in my dealings with people.

Till then, may you be blessed with strength and solidarity in your relationships… and may everyone learn to appreciate everyone else’s strengths and uniqueness.

Do Not Hate! Let’s All Appreciate!

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