Stand Out or Lose Out

key message: Standing out to win – only when you rise about the rest are you putting yourself in a position to succeed

A winner is after all, the one who’s able to do what others cannot do!

Losing out – can there be any winner if everybody comes in second? There’s nothing special. No X-factor! Imagine if everybody were just satisfied with the status quo – what would have become of the modern civilisation?

Herd mentality will not help you discover that X-factor

people are attracted to leaders – the charismatics and courageous. People are attracted to those who possess qualities that they wish they had.

These qualities can be learnt!

It has come to my attention… several times actually, that the one who stands out, is usually the one who wins.

Don’t you think so?

Consider a boy who bothers to do his homework, amidst a class of sluggish and unmotivated children. Who do you think automatically gains the teachers’ trust, admiration and attention over time?

Now consider a knowledgeable and opinionated individual, who has intense insight and knowledge about the workings in his particular field. Wouldn’t he be able to stand out amongst his rivals and competitors too?

Perhaps – if he IS recognised. But how exactly does one get recognised?

We’re living in a world of intense competition. There’s no doubt about that. Factor the widespread and easy access everybody has to information. Information and knowledge are just a mouse click or bookshop away! It’s no longer sufficient to know – anyone can do that now.

The ability to work isn’t even the primary requisite of success now. After all, how would anyone employ you and your expertise if they didn’t know about it in the first place?

Everything really boils down to communication now, isn’t it?

Individuals must understand that they would have to communicate their expertise and abilities to those who demand them in order to make their mark.

In addition, corporations all over are more than ever, are seeking charismatic individuals with the ability to lead and influence their highly educated team of employees of today. This is the new requisites that employers are expecting from their subordinates in this age of Information and Technology.

Consider the other side too. The need to stand out in inter-personal relationships. People are naturally attracted to leaders and competent communicators, people who are charismatic and courageous. Generally, the masses are attracted to individuals who possess qualities which they wish they had. Haven’t you noticed that people are naturally drawn to those who are possess the ability to entertain and move others to action.

A person’s success in life depends very much on his niche. His X-factor as some people might call it. It’s this unique quality that sets him apart from the rest. And communication plays a big part in enhancing that X-factor.

The good news for everyone is, the principles of enhancing this X-factor, the principles charisma and effective communication can be learnt.

The bigger question is, would you want to Stand Out, Or Lose Out?


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