Tips for “Perfect” Speech

I just saw a search query on my dashboard. Apparently, someone found my blog whilst searching for “Tips for a Perfect Speech”.

Now that really got me intrigued! Because neither me, nor my mentor and several other speakers whom we know of believe that there is such a thing as a perfect speech!

The reason, as many of you would have known by now: We’re always growing and learning new things. Same goes when we deliver a speech – we learn and gain new insights and perspectives and our potential and abilities to deliver a better speech improves.

Personally, I think that one is setting him/herself up for failure when he considers himself to have delivered the “Perfect” Speech. Where else can one go when he has already reached the top?

There is nowhere else to go… but down.

Anthony Robbins once mentioned that many people failed due to the “trap of success”. Apparently, people had gotten so successful at what they did that they forgot about what they did to get themselves there. Neglecting the details and formulas for success, and resting on their laurels, their performance began dipping. Failure soon followed.

Yet, while there may be NO ABSOLUTE PERFECT SPEECH, I would like to share my own version of what a “Perfect” Speech should be Like. A perfect speech should…

…Add Value to the Listener’s Lives
…Spur the Listener to action
…Attain it’s Objectives

“Now, how may I attain those three above” you may ask? Consider the following:

1. Know the purpose of Your Speech.

Begin with the end in mind. Do you want to entertain, inform, persuade or inspire?

2. Research

Do you know your audience? Do you know what turns them on?
Do you know what you’re talking about? Can you enhance your expertise by doing more research and gaining more insight and/or experience?

3. Delivery: Give it your ALL!

Many people restraint themselves during their delivery. I believe we’re mostly afraid to give our all during our public speaking performance because of the fear of rejection. What if the audience isn’t receptive to what I have to say?

Well, I’ve good news for you!

It’s a logical and perfectly normal to be afraid. Fear is here to protect us.

The key here lies in Point 2… and 1 Know your audience and what they want. Then seek to give them all the best performance you could muster.

Focus on your objective! Know exactly how/what you want the audience to know/react! Then GO ALL OUT to get it done! The bottom line is… the bottom line. You’re doing this speech to get something… and make sure you get it.

As they say, don’t miss the forest for the trees!

The why is more important than the how.

Know why you’re doing it… and the how will take care of itself.

Lastly.. to attain “perfection”, aren’t you going to put them to practise them now?

Speak with Passion!


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