Pour Your Heart Into It!

Where it comes to speaking and fulfillment of goals, it came to my attention that seldom does one succeed without enthusiasm, passion and belief.

Like a laser beam, I believe that when we are able to focus all our energies – mental and physical – onto a particular task or goal, half the battle is won with our intense desire to win.

Can you imagine a motivational speaker who’s trying to inspire his audience to embrace nobler ideals and beliefs, when he himself isn’t convinced in what he’s preaching?

How about a product salesman who’s trying to sell you something… would you believe in his sales pitch that “it’s the best product in the world” when even he hesitates to use it?


Belief is a crucial factor where it comes to summoning our passion, enthusiasm and abilities.

I believe, that with total belief, our minds become focused on achieving a particular task. Suddenly, all that we see are the things that we CAN do, and HOW CAN we solve the problems. The question becomes: “HOW CAN WE SUCCEED”, instead of “how we could fail”.

Beliefs breed confidence. And confidence breeds action. Action breeds results. And results in turn breed more confidence. This is what I call the empowerment cycle.

Confidence is a funny concept. Somehow, it’s extremely infectious!

A confident general inspires his soldiers, and they’d gladly give their lives at the command of their leader.

Same goes to a confident partner in a romantic relationship. A confident partner instills security in the other person and leaves him/her assured of their mutual stature for each other. Could you imagine two insecure people together in a relationship!? It’s not going to be a pretty sight, that’s for sure!

People are generally drawn to those who possess the energy and drive in life. These are the passionate and enthusiastic individuals that we so often see making waves in the corporate or social organisations. Of course there are exceptions. Yet, it’s hardly usual to see an insecure person helming an organisation for long. Wouldn’t you agree?

Similarly, where it comes to making a powerful and impressive speech, it is crucial to bear in mind that it’s not really about WHAT you say. It’s about HOW you say it!

When was the last time you found yourself swayed by a person who sounded immensely excited about what he has to say? It could have been the discovery of a new stock/share on the market with immense potential (or less than immense potential) and you went along with it just because he sounded so enthusiastic and convincing?!

Regardless of the content, who would you prefer listening to? A person who’s genuinely excited about what he/she has to say, or a person who’s just really excited (like that bland tasting cup of coffee)?

I’ve observed that it’s always easier to speak about what you’re keenly interested and passionate about than to speak about something you’ve no interest in. Isn’t that true?

Incidentally, it’s always more pleasurable to listen to someone who knows what he’s saying (or think he knows what he’s saying) than someone who appears jittery and nervous. Isn’t that true as well?

If you were to speak about the first time your son/daughter got a 100% in his/her quiz or the time when he came out tops in a local competition, would you have to think about it much before you began sharing about it to your neighbour(s)? Or have you met someone who couldn’t stop talking to you about their favourite stamp collection album… could you get them to stop (even after 323 attempts at trying to stop the conversation)?

Granted it, the last example’s a negative one! We really don’t want to bore our audiences! Yet, I’d like to use that example to highlight how much easier speaking could be when we Pour Our Heart Into It.

And how about the case of trying to make impactful speech?

Same thing goes: Pour Your Heart Into It! Let your passion and enthusiasm show! But this time, make sure it relates to the audience. There’s no point talking about your stamp collection when your listener is only interested in collecting bottle caps!

Speak with enthusiasm! Live with passion!

What would your success story be?


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