Ways to Happiness

A thought came to mind yesterday. Why do people do what they do? Why do we actively pursue certain things in life? And the means and lengths we all go to to realise our goals… why do we do them?

I believe that it’s everyone’s desire to be happy lead and fulfilling life. Now the definitions of happiness and it’s state hold different meanings to different people due to our different sets of values and belief systems. Yet despite the difference in definitions and meanings, everyone is left with the option of pursuing the things that make us happy. These are the so called “achievements” that we are after.

Lately, I began to realise that there are generally only two ways of pursuing and materialising our goals and achievements.

The first way involves scheming, cunning and deceit. This first way involves lot os politicking scheming and maneuvering to cheat, hurt and destruction. The result of one’s utilisation of this method in his/her pursuit of happiness is often unsustainable. It may go well for awhile, perhaps even during the lifetime of the pursuer. Yet, nothing built on deceit, pain and cunning has ever stood the test of time. Such “empires” and legacies are often relatively short-lived.

The second way, thus as many would have guessed by now, involves proper planning, learning and growth. This is what I’d like to call the “Way of Growth”. Unlike the first method, the Way of Growth really involves expanding one’s capabilities and potential through learning and growing. It involves the active pursuit of education and self-development and thus expands one’s personal power to create and achieve. As a result of the one’s personal growth, there’s really no need for one to scheme and cheat – for his ability to achieve is more or less directly within his/her grasp – unlike the one who needs to cheat, steal and hurt.

The second method involves active building from scratch. The first involves hijacking. The second method brings glory and satisfaction to all those who are involve in the building process. The first only brings satisfaction to the hijacker or those directly involved in hijacking, and hurt and bitterness to the rest who lost. The “Way of Growth” wins the winner friends and respect from the losers. The “Way of Hijacking” wins only disdain and hurt from those he stole from.

Everybody wants to be happy. There is nothing wrong with that. Yet, while there is nothing wrong with one’s pursuit of happiness, the means can make a big deal of difference in one’s life.

Which kind of life would you like to lead? One that’s based on cunning, pain and deceit and temporary success, or a long-term one that’s built on love, trust and respect?


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