Simple Strategy for Success!

Today’s lesson is going to be short, simple and sweeeeet! I’ve come across various resources lately on public speaking, learning and dating, and there was at least one segment that pointed in the same direction. And I agree! Why? Because I bought it long ago and I put it to use to great effect!

Now how would you like to be a successful public speaker, delivering emotional and gripping messages while charming the socks (and maybe even the wallets) off your clients and audience?

Or, perhaps you’d really want to be that successful emcee who’s seeking to incorporate humour and entertainment into your current predominantly formal presentation arsenal.

Better still! How about gaining and RETAINING the attention of that cute waitress who caught your attention from three streets away!?

It’s pretty simple really. All you’ve got to do, is remember this Simple Strategy for Success:

Do the things that “successful” people do, especially things which the “other” people don’t want to do!

Let me repeat that: “successful” people do, especially things which “other” people don’t want to do!

Yes, the “other” speakers will cringe at every opportunity to speak because of various reasons – most notably because of fear. But trust me, ALL “successful” speakers overcome their fear of public speaking because they choose to stand up and speak and gain experience and expertise. They understand that, in order to become a better speaker, they need to practice and polish up their skills. They learn by observing the best, imitating the best, personalising the techniques and principles and then apply them for own use. They do all these, when the “other/average” speaker can hardly be bothered with improving their skills, and hopes to get their speech over and done with insufficient regard for its quality!

The effective salesman makes more calls and distributes more name cards than the average salesperson. Hey, if you’re a sports fan, you may have realised that some of the world’s greatest sporting personalities have spent a significant portion of their waking days training to improve to push the boundaries of their limitations, even though they’re already among the best in what they do! Tiger Woods, Air Jordan, Wanye Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka are all sporting stars who excel at what they do with lots of sweat and tears! And I can assure you that hard work played and continues to play a significant role in their success.

Alright. I’ll grant it, those are talented people in their respective sports. But hey, what about the “average” person like you and me? Does the SSS work for us? Hey, I’d like to share with you a personal story…

* * *

I went out with a few of my buddies for some drinks one night and one of them happened to catch a cute waitress who was working at the restaurant opposite our pub! That buddy of mine tried DESPERATELY to get her attention (supposedly, he wanted to “order some food” from her). He waved, he called before he finally caught her eye. Now guess what did he do when she came over?

Make a Guess!


He was so nervous that he kept poring over the menu! And for a good 10 seconds, she stood there in awkward silence staring at him, waiting for his order! Hey, talk about charming! *grins*
Okay, fine I’m being mean. But it’s for your entertainment pleasure ;)!

After awhile, I’ve had enough of the awkward silence and decided to have some “fun”. I began to engage the waitress and spoke to her a little about herself with the techniques which I listed under my post on “It’s All About You
, while my buddy continued to “engage” the menu. Well, I must say he was having quite some success with it because he finally came up with what he wanted to eat in under 2 minutes, which by then, I had already secured the waitress’ school, nationality, background, hope and future plans and, most importantly, her attention (she had a very nice smile)!

Now before you guys start condemning me for hitting on my buddy’s crush, I’d like to clarify that it wasn’t my intention to hit on her. You would have realised that I didn’t even ask her name and get her contact number! So, to tell you the truth, I was really doing it for fun, in addition to the following three reasons.

Firstly, I wanted to prove to you that the techniques in my post work! It doesn’t take lots of effort to make a person smile and command their attention. Just be interested in the other person, ask questions, shut up and listen!

Secondly, and most importantly, I hate awkward silences and I wanted to liven up the atmosphere and, (secretly) I was hoping my buddy would engage himself into the conversation too. Unfortunately, I guess he found the menu too “attractive” to pry his eyes away from the sexy Arial 10 fonts!

Thirdly, I wanted to see the reaction of my buddy when I shared the rationale of some of the techniques and principles which I utilised in during our exchanges and some suggestions on how he could follow up on his interest. Now before I carry on, I want you to know that he was prying me for all the answers and responses I got from the waitress. My response to him was to suggest having him to talk to the waitress the next time she returns, and ask her himself! But guess what?! HE REFUSED! And to on top of that, he came up with a million and one reasons why he couldn’t/shouldn’t/didn’t want to do it!

Interesting isn’t it?

Now I want you to note that I’m not sharing this story because I want to embarrass this buddy of mine. Oh no! Neither am I trying to promote myself as a Casanova – I’m not interested in these cheap thrills. But I want you to realise that, in order for you to achieve results that you have never achieved before, you must first do the things which you have never done before! Makes sense?

Einstein said it best, that “the surest sign of insanity, is expecting different results when doing the same thing”!

Hey, if you’re not going take it from me, then take it from the smartest man in the Universe! I may be off by a far shot, but surely he can’t be too far off! This guy came up with the Theory of Relativity just by staring into thin air! (Well, sort of!)

Let’s recap on the key lesson again”

Simple Strategy for Success – To achieve the results you want is to do the things that successful people do , especially the things which the “other” people don’t want to do!

So now then, when are you going to start doing something different today?


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