Great Impressions – Is it Mere Lying?

One of the most commonly asked questions where leaving positive impressions are concerned, can be summarised by the question below:

“Is trying to leave good impression equivalent to lying”?

Other permutations of the question include “Is the ‘creation’ of a good impression similar to creating an illusion?” and is leaving a positive impression is “all about putting up an act in front of other people”?

Boy was I glad to hear those questions! Seriously, I am delighted to hear that you are concerned with knowing the truth! Because they are honest and genuine concerns of the people and it goes to show that people are really concerned and uncomfortable with putting up an act to deceive others! Nobody likes to wear a mask in life. Trust me! Even more so, nobody likes to lie through their teeth!

So to lay those concerns to rest, I can assure you that leaving best impressions aren’t really about lying. Leaving positive impressions is all about presenting the best side of you to the people you’ve just met! It’s not about concealing or hiding one’s negative traits – because like it or not, we’ve all got our strengths and weaknesses. We’ve all got our ups and downs and little idiosyncrasies that probably nobody, not even our parents, understand! So since we really can’t hide it forever, I’d say forget about being to preoccupied with hiding them! Realise that we’re only human… and human beings do make mistakes and possess weaknesses! It’s the same for you and for me!

Yet hey, while I’m asking you to acknowledge that we’re not perfect, I’m also asking you to be courteous and make the other person comfortable during your meetings with other people, while actively seeking to shore up your weaknesses through personal development!

I’d like you to make the other person smile and put he/she at ease. Make him/her feel like he/she is the most important person in the world and that he/she is as valuable (not worthless!) as everyone else! Hey, I know of some bosses who really treat their employees like dough! So isn’t it refreshing to meet someone who is cultured, sophisticated, positive and respectful towards others for a change? Is it too much that I ask you to introduce a little fun into the conversations and make the other person laugh, just because you can do it and you want to have an enjoyable time too?

Of course not! Everybody enjoys having a good time and a good laugh!

Yet, as we actively pursue becoming a better conversationalist or networker, doing what the “normal” people can’t in social situations will put you head and shoulders above the rest!

Making people comfortable and making them laugh or feel appreciated is not about lying. Neither is it a negative trait!

Leaving positive impressions is really about displaying the best side of you. It’s about you NOW, not what you aren’t and trying to be like that charmer which you see in the movies! And it’s also about what you would like to do and how you would like others to treat you! And the good news is, the more we learn, the better we become as a person, and in turn the better the impressions we would be able to leave on people!

See once again, like my previous post on Sincerity I’m asking you to be true to yourself and others. Because lies and falsity cannot hold water and if you try to build too much on a raft of lies, chances are you’ll sink your own boat!

But if you were to build your personality and ability to deal with people based on who you REALLY are, then congratulations, leaving positive impressions would become part of you. People will remember you for the wonderful person whom you really are every time you meet someone new!

So now, stop thinking about ‘putting on an act’. Let the beautiful person that is within you flow to meet other people. No doubt it’s going to take some work. This is, after all, a personal-development skill! And development takes work!

Remember, looks fade and money’s spent. But a great personality lasts for eternity!

Now pick yourself up and continue building yourself! You can do it!


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