Stop Trying to Reinvent the Wheel!

In our quest to become a more effective public speaker, I’ve noticed many people trying to reinvent the wheel by coming up with new ways to speak and entertain.

Creativity is coveted quality – but it’s tiring to constantly reinvent the wheel. Look up a winning formula and adopt it. Then apply some creativity and innovation to tweak it a little to make it original! It’s new, it’s yours and it’ll be effective! Hey, even if it goes wrong, you can be sure it won’t be far off the mark because it’s after all based on a successful formula!

Most successful public speakers and stand up comedians have so much speaking experience that they’ve more than one formula for success which they can employ in different situations. They’ve gotten so experienced and familiar with what their routines that they could whip up a tried and proven formula on the spot, make some minor adjustments to adapt it to suit the situation, environment and audience!

And we can learn from these by adopting similar strategies and trying them out ourselves!

So now, take note of the following when you attend a seminar or get the chance to witness a competent speaker in action:

1) Body Language

How does the speaker utilise body language to emphasis his/her message. What specific gestures did he use to articulate specific points? Where they effective?

2) Voice Variety

How was the speaker’s tone? Was he/she going monotone throughout the entire session?

How was his/her pace like? Did he stop to use pauses or did he just rush through it like a bullet train? Did his use (or absence) of vocal variety hold your attention?

3) Powerful Words

Were there any words that he used that captured your attention? How about words that left a deep impression on you? Were there any phrases that appeared particularly well said? Did the words paint a vivid picture before you?

So there you have it, 3 suggestions on what you could look out for when you come across a powerful public speaker? Don’t worry about “stealing” their formula. “Stealing” self-improvement ideas for personal development will forever be one thing that the police can’t catch you for!

Now then, what would you like to add to your array of public speaking tools?


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