It’s All About You! – Body Language Edition

Following my posts on Body Language entitled More than Words, and tips on how to become a better conversationalist, it would appear pretty incomplete if I didn’t follow up that last post without some tips on how you could use body language to encourage others to share more about themselves too!

Thus after much pondering, I’ve decided to use list down the top 3 body language signals which you can incorporate in your conversations with others to put them at ease and get them to share more about themselves! Remember, people would only want to share about themselves when they’re comfortable and when they feel that you’re REALLY interested in them.

Since I’m already assuming that you would really want to be interested in others because of your great personality, I’m going to help you with the following tips on how you could enhance your meetings with others through the use of some simple but effective body language signals.

1) Nod Your Head

Nodding your head is a signal that you’re in tune with what the other person is saying! Now I’m not asking you to nod your head as if you’re like some life buoy in the water or the head of a jack-in-the-box on a spring. But nodding your head every now and then when the speaker is talking is a signal that you’re listening and paying attention to what the speaker has to say!

2) Use your eyes!

Yes, use your eyes a bit! No, don’t worry, I’m asking you to electrocute your speaker by staring eyes deeply into his/hers. Rather, learn to raise play with your eyelids. Open `em wide when the speaker says something astonishing/hilarious/surprising/unbelievable to signal your amusement and intense interest in what he’s just said!

Alternatively, learn to express shock and disgust and disbelief by wincing your eyes to express pain/anger/shock to signal that you can relate to the speaker’s feelings of agony or injustice (ie when he’s told off by his pesky boss for something he wasn’t responsible for).

3) The Power of Smiling!

I can never emphasis enough on the power of the smile! Smiling has a disarming effect on people and calms any form of nerves and distrust one has towards others, especially in social situations when you’ve just met someone. People have learnt to recognise the smile as a sign of peace and friendship. Hey, you wouldn’t be smiling if you saw a ghost would you? Neither would you smile if you happen to chance upon Mike Tyson staring at you with his boxing gloves on. (Then again, you might want to smile to get yourself outta that situation!)

Smiling is a sign that you like the person and it’s very encouraging to the speaker to know that the listener is feeling at ease and enjoys listening to him!

The ancient Chinese has a saying that goes “a person who does not have a smile should never open a shop”. Chances are, a person who does not know how to smile will never be able to win friends and get along with people effectively. And if there’s one thing that has helped me a great deal where it comes to breaking the ice with people and leaving a positive impression, it has got to be my discovery of the power of smiling!

Stop being a sour plum! Smile more!

So there you have it, 3 simple yet powerful body language signals to help you become a better “conversationalist”!

Remember, being a better conversationalist does not necessarily require you to mouth 2500 words per minute or be funny all the time. It’s really getting the other person interested to talk about themselves!

For more information and insights on becoming a better, more interesting conversationalist in social situations, check out my post on It’s All About You!

Now then, you’re in an even better position to make someone’s day and expand your social circle! Get out there and make someone smile today!


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