Personal Value

Have you ever tried the following value experiment?

Take out a $50 bill. Put it in your hands and crush it. Yes, go on! Just squeeze it in your hands as tight as possible and keep on going until you can’t crush it anymore. Now if you like, you can throw that little ball of money at the wall and let it drop on the floor. Do it a couple of times.

Pick it up, unfold it. Now look at it… it’s wrinkled and full of creases. It may even have some dirt on it. But here’s the million dollar question now: How much is it still worth?

Has its value diminished?


In life, we often fall and recover. Have those falls diminished your personal value, or have they added to it?

I believe every individual is born unique. We’ve our own set of strengths and weakness, quirks and interests! More importantly, our experiences and life story are uniquely ours and different from others! Same goes to our knowledge and expertise.

Every encounter, event and experience offers a learning point. These lessons come only once. These lessons may appear as painful experiences or as sweet victories. But each and everyone of them is capable of adding a new a dimension to our lives.

Yet I know many are afraid of embracing new challenges and things that are foreign. After all, it is true we often trip up when we’re threading in foreign and unfamiliar territory. But hey, that’s part of life! Like it or not, it’s going to happen to us. We’ve been tripping up since we were babies! Just because we’re 20,30,40 or 99 years old isn’t going to change the fact that we’re going to trip up!

So hey, since we’re already at it, then why don’t we just enjoy the process of tripping up? Can’t we afford a laugh at ourselves when we screw up as we did laughing at our friends during our younger days?

After all, life is really much like a the $50 note. Crush it, squeeze, step on it and kick it. It’s value will still remain at $50. Put it to work and it will generate interest and grow. Present it and it “produce” or be exchanged for goods and services. But keeping it under your pillow can guarantee one thing: a loss in real value (either due to inflation or the tooth fairy steals it).

So put your personal value to work! Try out something new today! Learn! Explore Add value to your life.

How much value would you like to get out of YOUR life?


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