More than Words!

Take a look at the following clips! Compare and contrast…

Torn – Video 1

Torn – Video 2

It’s undeniable that words play a big, big role in our communication. Yet, do you realise that our messages can take on a whole new dimension if we alter our body language?

Consider also the different receptions to messages when our words are accompanied by different body language!

Amazing isn’t it?

So now, consider how you can make body language work for you too!


5 thoughts on “More than Words!”

  1. Oh my God! Now this song has a nex meaning for me! Really fun, I couldn’t stop laughing while I watched the video.
    And about the body language, you are compleetly right; people doesn’t know how useful (and powerful) can body language get to be. It can be even more comunicative than words, for good or for bad, and it is always good to learn how to use it.
    Keep on posting, you have a nice blog!

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