You’ve got to be Fair to Yourself!

In our quest to better ourselves and achieve fulfilment, fear, negativity and making up excuses for our inaction are familer occurances for many of us. Coming up with reasons on why we can’t appears to be a very natural thing to do for most of us when we’re confronted with difficulty or uncertainty. Sometimes it’s right. But often it’s not.

Over the years, as I began facing an increasing number of challenges, I began searching and developing techniques to help me evaluate my ability and decision on whether I should take up challenge. One of the most powerful techniques which I’ve developed over the years also happens to be really simple. All you have to do is to be fair to yourself!

Fear and Doubt is a lethal partnership. Together, they can conjour up a series of questions and possible scenerios of how unfavourably things could turn out.

Yet, fairness dictates that if Fear and Doubt are allowed to make a point on the possible outcome, then Courage and Faith must also be given an opporunity to present it’s view of how outcome should turn out.

For every negative reason that Fear and Doubt are allowed to conjour up, Faith and Courage must be allowed to match that a positive one.

Many of us allow Fear and Doubt to dictate our decisions during our moments of uncertainty mainly because the voices of Fear and Doubt are the only ones that we can hear. Theirs are the voice that we can hear because we’ve neglected to consider the voice Courage and Faith.

But all that must change now! Allow yourself a fair trial by acknowledging the voice of Courage and Faith when we’re evaluating our choices.

Do not merely allow Fear and Doubt to rob you of the opportunities to create more for ourselves by telling you “why you can’t”. Instead, pay a listen to the calls of Courage and Faith as they seek to present their case on “why you can”!

Allow yourself a fair trial!

Then again, if you really wanted a lobsided presentation, then I think it would be more helpful if all paid more attention to the voice of Courage and Faith.

Now, either way, it’s your choice!


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