When All I Feel depends on What I See…

As part of my profession and interest (yes, I love empowering people!), I’ve had numerous opportunities to talk to and share with people my insights and research on self-development and public speaking. However, it isn’t always plain sailing. At times, things can go wrong – and there have been occasions when my focus slips and I’m once again confronted with an immeasurable sense of fear and anxiety.

Naturally, I’m seldom at my best or most eloquent when I’m nervous and anxious.

Although for a while I’ve managed to get on with the job and deliver my projects. Unfortunately, I noticed that I no longer enjoyed delivering my speeches as much as I used to, and I was coincidentally less effective as a speaker.

On the contrary, I’ve observed that I’m usually most effective when I’m most comfortable – and focused. Those moments usually occur when I’m totally focused on delivering my message to the best of my abilities rather than allow my thoughts to sway between how others might perceive me and what may go wrong, among other things!

In other words, I’m at my best when I’m focused on what I do best (delivering messages and having fun) and least effective when I allow myself to be distracted or allow my focus to fall on disempowering or unconstructive thoughts (like how other people would perceive me!). My focus thus determines what I feel! What I feel in turns determines how I perform. My performance then determines who successful I am!

The ability to focus one’s thoughts is an extremely powerful entity of the human mind. Like how a laser beam is formed by focusing many small intense light sources on a single spot, our thoughts are most lethal when they’re focused.

Unfortunately, like any other tool, focus can be a destructive tool as much as a constructive one. As I’ve shared, focusing on an empowering thought or course of action helps me achieve results.

So now, we’ve all got a choice. We can either choose to focus our thoughts on something positive or something negative. The key here then, is what do you see? Rather, what CAN you see? After all, there are a million and one perspectives to each event and it’s pretty hard to tell which one’s the ‘rightest’ or the best. And since our perspectives really change over time, the best choice we can make is really about choosing the one that’s most useful to us – one that empowers us!

I can see lots of things! But it’s ultimately what I choose to see and focus on that determines what I feel! What I feel in turns determines how I perform. My performance then determines who successful I am!

Now there you have it! Some insight on what affects us!

So now, what would you like to see?

What would you choose to see?

What would your success story be?


One thought on “When All I Feel depends on What I See…”

  1. Just to add, since I tagged this under Public Speaking too, my focus during speeches is to deliver the message the best I could.

    The thought of how the audience might perceive me should have been tackled during the planning stage and be last thing on my mind during the delivery stage!

    So the only thought during the delivery is delivery! Nothing else! Any other feedback can come after the project is done. =)

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