Kids can Feel

Kids are highly intuitive creatures. What they lack in knowledge and experience, they make it up with their excellent sense of intuition.

Kids know their parents are angry or upset even though they’re parents say they’re not.

Kids can feel if their parent’s are genuinely elated about achievements such as getting that B+ or if they’re parents are just merely humouring them.

Kids know whether their teachers are genuinely interested in them or in their grades.

As a trainer, one of the things that I’d always like to prepare myself prior to working with a class of children or teenagers, is my heart. The same is true too when I work with adults.

While adults are pretty much focused on the content besides delivery, they don’t really care about what you know until they know that you care. While adults can be won over pretty much with sufficient reason and logic, kids really operate on a certain level of trust and intuition.

Work on the trust and show that you care through action and patience. Smile more and laugh more!

Let the kids play – that’s how kids learn best!

Play with the kids – that’s how you bond, and help them learn best.


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