Critical! You must do this to improve!

What does Michael Jordan and David Beckham have in common?

Yes, they are professional athletes who are great at what they do. Michael Jordan is But besides that, they both achieved their magnificent abilities the same way. Yes, the basketball great and soccer star attained their respective world renowned and abilities through the application of the same principle – repetition.

Michael Jordan was well known to be among the last to leave the court after training. To him, it was always critical to complete a minimum of 500 free throws before he allowed himself time out after each training.

Likewise, David Beckham was also among the last to leave the Manchester United Training ground during his apprenticeship at the club’s Youth Academy. It was noted that David would tie rubber tyres to the goal posts and attempt to swing his shots through the tyres as a training of precision in dead ball situations.

The result of their dedication to doing the same thing over and over again until the desired result is achieved is apparent to all who knows basketball and soccer. Michael Jordan became at one point in time the best NBA Player in history and David’s Beckham’s reputation as a deadball specialist in the world of football continues to shine.

Like any other skill, social skills such as networking, public speaking and inter-personal communication are skills that can be honed through practice and repetition. Through my involvement and experience at Toastmasters Club meetings, I’ve witnessed several individuals who’ve improved leaps and bounds as they moved from delivering one speech to the next. The same thing with social networking and communication skills.

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. It is only through repetition and a dedication to improvement that can help us move towards the level of skill and competency that we desire.


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