Taking for Granted

If somebody knows another well, does that give him the right to take the other for granted?

Ie: If A “knows B well”, does that give B permission to take A for granted?

If B is friendly to other ‘new ppl’, but dares to be rude/unfriendly to those that he/she is closest to… then are we right to say that A is better off not being close to B?


I attended a talk today about love. During the talk, the facilitator shared with us how some spouses began taking their partners for granted by displaying certain traits that were less than positive – traits that we seldom seen when the couple were still dating. Very often, the justification these spouses gave was “But you know me! That’s the way I am!”

In the words of the facilitator, does “being friendly authorise one to become unfriendly?”. He noted that some spouses appear to become very hostile towards each other after years of marriage! The days of lovey-dovey and honey sweetness were far-few between, if not otherwise long gone!

Do you see the irony? A person is friendly in order to achieve a certain level of trust and proximity in a relationship. Then, as he gains the trust and proximity, he slackens off and becomes less than friendly/polite!

I think it’s a very big danger to take one’s foot off the pedal in a relationship. And that is regardless if it’s a romantic relationship, family, platonic or professional one. Things change! People change! And relationships have to be maintained in view of those changes in circumstances! Otherwise, like everything else, it is liable to becoming worn out… and runs the risks of allowing hostility to set in!

Taking things for granted is among some of the top reasons for failure in a person’s life. Guard against it. It’s ok to take a break once in awhile from all the hard work, but let it not become a habit!


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