Constant Communication

I just returned home from running an errand, but there were 2 events that caught my attention. One happened on the bus. Another happened in a supermarket. Both involved 2 young girls and an adult.

The my first observation on a bus was when a lady and her two young daughters boarded the bus. The daughters were very well behaved and spoke softly when they needed to talk. More importantly, they were very willing to share with their mother, to the extent that they enquired what was the meaning of pointing the various fingers on one’s hand [yes… that includes the middle one!]

The mother’s reaction? She was patient at listening and offered her piece in an equally soft, calm and lovely manner. All the while, her gaze was fixated on her daughters while they spoke. No wondering eyes. No indifferent stares at the other passengers. Only a warm smile and patient heart.

Fast forward to the supermarket. There was once again, two young girls and another mother. This time round however, the young girls were shouting and relatively boorish as they went down the aisles looking for items that their mother needed. And what did the mother do? Instead of correcting them, she shouted her orders to her two young kids too.

It’s intriguing isn’t it? Both events involved the same mix of people. And yet there were such distinct results! What does this tell us?

Some would argue that children learn what they need from schools, from their teachers. However, I believe that children learn the most from their parents. Children see and learn from what they experience. If it’s ok for their parents, then why can’t it be for them?

Some parents would argue again that they know their behaviour is bad, and that their children should do better. But hey… if it’s hard for the parent, what’s more for the kid?

Education begins at home, and continues at home. Schools and teachers will come and go, but parents are the ones that stay the longest, and have the biggest influence in their children’s life. It’s important to note then, that whatever you do and say, your children will be looking and learning. Every word spoken and action done, whether consciously or not, you are constantly communicating ‘educational’ messages to your children.

Therefore, always seek to set a good example for your children!


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