A Purposeful Life

John’s eyes were intensely fixated on the computer screen. His mind focused on navigating his virtual character through a labyrinth of mazes, fighting mythical creatures, orgres and undead knights. John’s character goes aggressively in search of monsters to slay. As he does, his character gains experience gets promoted to the next ‘level’. Level 5, 23, 36, 65… John spends his day in front of the computer screen, and nights after nights awake to help his character “gain experience”.

The cycle dies hard.

Everyday, millions of gamers are hooked on games and missions in virtual reality. To these people, these games are ‘fun’, and more often than not, gamers often find themselves hooked in front of the computer focused on relentless chasing virtual goals and objectives. Yet, have you ever wondered why these ‘focused’ people are finding it hard to exert the same amount of enthusiasm in their daily lives in school and work?

What exactly consitutes ‘fun’ to us? What excites us? What exactly is that ‘element’ which hooks us and leaves us begging for more?

The answer is – Purpose

Having a sense of purpose gives us hope and a sense of direction. And then there’s the excitement of chasing the quests (goals) of our lives. When one realises his purpose or goals in life, each day becomes an adventure waiting to be realised. There are monsters (challenges) to be tackled and experience to be gained.

However, the difference between the rewards of virtual experience and that of reality, is that with the latter, exhilaration and results are real, and unique only to you. Most importantly, that adventure is yours and yours alone – and not something that a million others can emulate.


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