Managing Fear – (Part 3) – Taming the Dragon!

Having understood the role of fear, the next step effective management of fear is… to do it! But how?

Simple! In three easy steps…

1) What are YOU afraid of?

Having understood the role of fear in PEOPLE’S lives, what role does fear play in YOUR life? I.e.: what does fear protect you from? As a guide, (take out a pen and pencil) consider the following questions:

i) What am I afraid of?
ii) Why am I afraid of it?
iii) How do I react when it’s around?

2) Risk Management

Fear’s role is to shield us from harm; not to paralyse us. Understanding that principle, let’s examine the following questions

iv) Is fear limiting my performance? What would I do I weren’t afraid?
v) What are the likely pitfalls I’ll have to avoid along the way to my goals?
vi) What do I have to do or get along the way to achieve my targets?

3) Power of Focus

Great! We’re at the final and most crucial stage now!

In revisiting of emotions as close to our heart as fear is not an easy task to do. In many instances, it’s very natural to feel pangs of discomfort when revisiting these emotions and past decisions. IT’S NATURAL! But we shouldn’t be stopping now, at least not when we’ve come so far!

I was once told that one of the best ways to overcome the powerful effects of fear is to overwhelm it with something even stronger – Desire. Having understood how fear is limiting us in our pursuit of our goals and a better life, it’s time to ask ourselves, what is it exactly that we want – and WHY do we want them. Think about all the great things that you could do when you’ve broken through the fear barrier, the feelings of immense gratification and joy for having successfully navigated through the various challenges to attaining your goal!

The key here now, is to FOCUS on your strengths and what you can do with them rather than what you can’t. FOCUS on the pleasures of attaining your goals and how to get it by navigating through the risks and not running away from it!

FOCUS, on the things that matter.

Try it! And tell me how it works!

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