Managing Fear – (Part 1) An Introduction

Ever met someone highly attractive, yet hesitated to make the first move? Or how about the last time you felt both anticipation and dread sweeping through your body prior to that big presentation?

People react differently to fear. Whether it occurs in the personal setting or in the public arena, the existence of fear and the need to manage it for optimum performance is a very real need and poses a great challenge to almost everyone.

When it comes to handling fear, some have tried seeking professional help while others have sought alternative approaches in religion and meditation. But regardless of the means, the good news is this – fear can be managed… Yes! It’s true!

In this three part series, I’ll be sharing with everyone powerful techniques on how one can avoid the pain of fear and strategies on how to become more assured and confident in the area of communication and personal growth.

While the key idea here is to share with everyone tips and strategies to facilitate self-growth, it should be noted that the aim of the post is not to provide a silver bullet to ALL of life’s problems and troubles. Rather, it is my wish to be able to share with individuals, useful tips, strategies and insights – tools that empower the individual in the face of challenges that come with life. After all growth isn’t all about pain, it’s about enjoying the fruits of our labour too!

So, what better way to kick off my self-improvement blog than with the universal topic of “Fear”?

Stay tuned!


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